What type of cannabis is used for SEVEN products?

We use sun-grown cannabis plants located in the finest regions in each state. 


How do we ensure the quality of our products?

We are completely involved in our process from sourcing plant material to final production.  We use third party labs to test our final product and post the final results on each product for the consumer to see.


How do we flavor our products?

We are an industry-leading brand, with the assistance of our scientific experts, transforming our concentrates into inspired and native flavored strains.  Using up to 30 compounds mixing various food-grade terpenes, our scientists have replicated the profiles of precise strains. 

How does the SEVEN Signature Pen work with SEVEN cartridges?

Seven cartridges are specifically designed to fit under the magnetic cap included in the Seven Signature Pen kit (patent pending design). However, any universal vape battery will also fit the our cartridge.

Where is a dispensary near me?

To find the nearest dispensary carrying Seven Brand, please see our store locator.

Do you ship out of state?

Due to Federal Regulations, we are unable to mail or ship products out of state. 

How much cannabis is in the SEVEN product?

THC is the active in ingredient in cannabis that is responsible for physiological effects.  We identify the amount of THC in each product and label each item accordingly. We offer infused oils in a variety of strains with a potency ranging from 70-80% THC.

How do I store my SEVEN products?

We recommend that our oils are stored in a room temperature or cooler environment away from direct sunlight.

How are SEVEN products tested?

Seven product testing begins with the plant. We test for potency levels and any residual contamination. We then begin our extraction process and lab test again for potency and residue. Our product is refined several times before a finished product is released.